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  • Abina and the Important Men

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    The story of a young enslaved African woman who escapes her master, flees to the Gold Coast and takes her master to court. Based on actual court transcripts, the films breathes life into the graphic novel by the same name to tell her story.

  • African American Service to Country

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    African American Service to Country is a poignant film series that unfurls the diversity of military service, from the Westward expansion to the battlefields of Afghanistan. It begins with George Jordan, a Buffalo Soldier whose heroism against Apache resistances lays the groundwork for the series...

  • Buffalo Soldiers & the Indian Wars

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    Spanning the turbulent chapters of American history, this gripping film series illuminates the valor and tribulations of African American soldiers and Native American warriors amidst the nation's formative conflicts. From the courageous yet overlooked African American servicemen fighting against ...

  • Sailors
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    5 videos  |   Rent $9.99   |   Buy $19.99

    "Sailors” is a film series that salutes the diversity and bravery of service members who have shaped the sea of military history. It opens with the story of John Henry Balch, a Pharmacist's Mate in WWI, whose heroics on the battlefield earn him the nation's highest military honor. The narrative t...