Iraq War Experience

Iraq War Experience

The Iraq War, an unexpected front in the War on Terror, from the veterans' point of view. Subjects include Ranger battalions, combat camera, special forces, prisoners of war, nursing on the front lines, and a Gold Star mom’s memory of her son.

Iraq War Experience
  • Giorgio Mattia: From Kosovo to Iraq

    Directed by Maria Luisa Forenza

    Giorgio Mattia describes his experiences during the second attack on the Italian Army in Nasiriya, Iraq 2006.

  • Casey Conklin: Ranger Battalion

    Directed by Adan Pulido

    Casey Conklin joined the 3rd Ranger Battalion as a medic, because he always believed they were the toughest group around. After his experience in the Battle of Mosul in Iraq and receiving his Ranger tab, he doesn't question how tough he is. After returning home, he finds ...

  • Michael Blackwell: Combat Camera

    Directed by Daniel Leonard Bernardi

    Michael Blackwell entered the United States Navy on Veteran's Day, 2002 and served for more than nine years. While stationed with the now-disestablished Fleet Combat Camera Group Pacific, he served alongside United States Army 5th and 10th group Special Forces...

  • Julie Mendez: From PTSD to Art

    Directed by Silvia Turchin

    Julie Mendez served in the Iraq War. Finding herself on convoys engaging insurgents, she came to question the reason why so many Iraqi found the Americans as invaders rather than liberators. She turned to art to recover from her experiences.

  • PFC Benjamin Tollefson: A Mom's Loss

    Directed by Andrés Gallegos

    PFC Benjamin Tollefson was killed in action during Operation: Iraqi Freedom. His mother tells the story he never got a chance to share.

  • Pam Roark: Iraq War Nurse

    Directed by Natasha Sharapova

    Captain Pam Roark is a Navy nurse who shares her story about service, compassion, and leadership, demonstrating that leadership ability isn't a consequence of gender. It is a consequence of character.