"Sailors” is a film series that salutes the diversity and bravery of service members who have shaped the sea of military history. It opens with the story of John Henry Balch, a Pharmacist's Mate in WWI, whose heroics on the battlefield earn him the nation's highest military honor. The narrative then sails to the Pacific, where the need for a sovereign symbol leads a WWI and WWII Naval Officer to become the embodiment of Hawaii's royal aspirations, intertwining destiny with duty. Through the reflective words of Admiral Nimitz, the series honors a commander who struck fierce blows in WWII yet remained acutely aware of the humanity within enemy lines. Next, sailing forward, Tiffany McKinley's journey defies the mold, as her post-9/11 patriotism steers her to the Navy's strategic nerve centers, challenging gender expectations with every successful mission. Finally, Tian Soepangat's tale of concealment and courage breaks the surface, revealing the strength found in embracing one's Islamic faith amidst the ranks of a U.S. Destroyer. Together, these stories of honor, sacrifice, and identity navigate the tumultuous seas of war and peace, crafting a mosaic of American resilience and the unyielding spirit of service.

  • John Henry Balch: Congressional Medal of Honor

    Directed by Sreang “C” Hok

    John Henry Balch was a Pharmacist's Mate attached to the 3rd Battalion 6th Marine Regiment, when his unit entered the Bellau Wood. His dedication to the Marines under his care earned him the Medal of Honor.

  • Samuel Wilder King: Fighting for Statehood

    Directed by Carolina Gratianne

    Samuel Wilder King led a life of service. First, he was in uniform during WWI and WWII, he worked to minimize the internment of Japanese Americans in Hawaii, and after the war, he was one of the driving forces behind making Hawaii the 50th State of the Union.

  • Admiral Chester Nimitz

    Directed by Alexander Zane Irwin

    Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz used submarines, a vessel used to great effect by Germany in WWI and WWII to turn the tide of the War in the Pacific.

  • Tiffany McKinley: Sailor

    Directed by David Washburn

    Tiffany McKinley dismisses the stereotype of a single female personality in the military. For Tiffany, her interest in the Navy was activated by the spread of patriotism after 9/11. In the Navy, she manned the control centers of deployed ships.

  • Tian Soepangat: Muslim Sailor

    Directed by David Washburn

    Tian Soepangat joins the U.S. Navy out of a commitment to helping others. As a Muslim, Tian is uncertain of his shipmates' attitudes toward his religion, and so he hides it. Eventually discovering he doesn't have to hide his faith, he is free to express pride in his he...