Vietnam War Experience: Season II

Vietnam War Experience: Season II

This is the second Vietnam War-based series from El Dorado Films. This series focuses on the healing process veterans and their loved ones experienced, trying to put the trauma of that war behind them. Subjects include legacy of service in uniform, family, community service, and PoCs in service.

Vietnam War Experience: Season II
  • Immigrant Service: Focus on Jesus Duran

    Directed by Andrés Gallegos

    After losing her father at an early age, Tina Duran explores the rich history of her father, the story of her ancestors who migrated from Mexico to the United States, and the implications the Vietnam War had on their community.

  • Cpl. Richard Carlson: A Brother's Loss

    Directed by Andrés Gallegos

    Raymond Carlson remembers his older brother, a medic killed in action in the Vietnam War when Raymond was only seven years old. The impact of that loss lingers today more than fifty years later.

  • Noble Sissle Jr.

    Directed by Daniel Leonard Bernardi

    The story of Noble Sissle Jr., a production company owner, community development expert, and veteran of the Vietnam War. Combining archival footage with interviews and family portraits, the film explores his life to include carrying on the legacy of his father...

  • Leo Patrick McArdle

    Directed by Allyce Ondricka

    A veteran creates support systems that help other veterans and their families.

  • Jack Lyon: Veterans Serving Veterans

    Directed by John Giannini

    Jack Lyon used his experience as a Vietnam Veteran to help found the Veterans Village of San Diego. With a mission of offering peer support and spiritual guidance, Jack immerses himself in a life of helping young U.S. veterans.