World War II Experience

World War II Experience

2 Seasons

This series tells the story of the World War II experience from the veteran point of view. Subjects include the European front, the shame of American internment camps amidst the heroics of the Nisei Soldiers, the experience of concentration camp liberator, and a daughter's memory of a Dad that, to her, embodied the Greatest Generation.
Season II continues the story of World War II experience from the veteran point of view. In this season, we focus on the Pacific Theatre. Stories include a Marine that stormed the beaches in the pacific, the Bataan Death March, one of the first woman marines, and the experience of a Gay Merchant Marine and the founding of the Alexander Hamilton brigade of the American Foreign Legion.

World War II Experience
  • Decoding Jean: Secrets of WWII

    Episode 1

    Directed by Hannah Anderson

    In the midst of World War II's turmoil, the quaint British town of Bury St. Edmonds becomes a focal point where lives intersect and secrets unravel. An 18-year-old woman, finds herself caught in the throes of a great wartime secret – the breaking of the German Enigma ...

  • David Gan: The Front Lines

    Episode 2

    Directed by David Washburn

    A young David Gan joins the WWII effort, eager to serve his country. Feelings of exclusion as a Chinese-American disappear in the Army. After experiencing the loss of so many fallen comrades, David dedicates his life to those who never came home.

  • Richard Hank Sciaroni: Shot Down

    Episode 3

    Directed by Robert Barbarino

    Through the perils of air combat, and an emergency landing behind enemy lines in Italy, Hank utilized his capability to speak Italian to help get him and his men to safety as the Germans closed in.

  • Nisei Soldiers: Japanese American G.I. Joes

    Episode 4

    Directed by Alexander Zane Irwin

    Leaving internment camps to defend their county in Europe, Japanese-American Nisei soldiers of WWII became the most decorated unit in American history.

  • Ralph Rush: Concentration Camp Liberator

    Episode 5

    Directed by Daniel Leonard Bernardi

    Ralph Rush, a Scout in General George S. Patton's World War II Intelligence & Reconnaissance Platoons went from digging up German mines to being the first American to enter the Ohrdruf Concentration Camp; the first concentration camp liberated by the Allies.

  • Vincent Faulls: A Collection of My Father

    Episode 6

    Directed by Jesse Collier Sutterley

    When our loved ones pass they live on through our memories, the stories that bring us together, keep us warm when we feel cold and cheer us up in the darkest times. A Collection of My Father tells the story of Vincent Faulls, a soldier, husband and father, thr...