Buffalo Soldiers & the Indian Wars

Buffalo Soldiers & the Indian Wars

Spanning the turbulent chapters of American history, this gripping film series illuminates the valor and tribulations of African American soldiers and Native American warriors amidst the nation's formative conflicts. From the courageous yet overlooked African American servicemen fighting against segregation and discrimination across the 19th and 20th centuries, to the nuanced tale of the Buffalo Soldiers' role in the Apache conquests, each film weaves a complex history of honor, sacrifice, and injustice. Central to the series is the story of George Jordan, a hero whose legacy was buried in the shadows of history, embodying the struggle and resilience of the Buffalo Soldiers during the Indian Wars. The narrative expands to include Baptiste Garnier, a Native American scout caught between two worlds, whose life story encapsulates the poignant dichotomy of identity and allegiance during the tumultuous Indian wars, climaxing tragically at Wounded Knee. As the series delves into the deep recesses of the U.S.-Indian wars, it confronts viewers with the harsh realities of war, the price of progress, and the enduring quest for recognition and reconciliation, challenging us to reflect on the legacies of those who fought on the forgotten fringes of history.

Buffalo Soldiers & the Indian Wars
  • Pride of the Buffalo Soldier

    Directed by Allyce Ondricka

    African American soldiers throughout the 19th and 20th Centuries faced discrimination and segregation, yet many still chose to fight for their country.

  • Buffalo Soldiers, Victorio and Manifest Destiny

    Directed by Alexander Zane Irwin

    A little-known story of the Indian Wars involves the role of the Buffalo Soldiers in the conquest of the Apache tribes.

  • Buffalo Soldiers: George Jordan and the Indian Wars

    Directed by Joshua Cardenas

    Buffalo Soldiers: George Jordan and the Indian Wars is a poignant examination of the marginalized history of the Buffalo Soldiers - African American servicemen who bravely served in numerous conflicts, only to face scorn, ridicule, and suppression of their stories bac...

  • Baptiste Garnier and the Indian Wars

    Directed by Sean Restivo

    In 1866, as the U.S. modernized its military, the Army Reorganization Act allowed Native Americans to enlist as scouts, heralding a profound era of change. Amidst this backdrop, the film unfolds the story of Baptiste Garnier, a half Oglala Sioux, half French-Canadian sco...

  • The Sioux: From Red Cloud to Wounded Knee

    Directed by Sean Restivo

    The dark recesses of American history unfurl as "The Sioux: From Red Cloud to Wounded Knee" delves deep into the U.S-Indian wars, an era often shrouded in misconceptions. This cinematic journey uncovers the shifting attitudes towards Native Americans, oscillating between...